As a Girlchild from the Westside of Chicago, I remember being marginalized and stigmatized. It seems as if you could never be good enough. White supremacy and its stepchild, racism, were large and in charge. I learned to be tougher and more stoic so I could successfully navigate the ups and downs of living in a world with people who could be mean and cruel. I was blessed to grow up in a family that lived according to the golden rule while cultivating my innate strengths and resilience. My saving grace was, and still is, my love of learning. I love to read…just about anything. I also love making things. My education granted access to diverse populations and growing up in Chicago was filled with the variety of different languages, food, music, and clothes. Learning about different cultures was part of my wonder years because I had classmates from around the world. I learned that difference is not only good…it’s better. Growing up on the Westside of Chicago provided a solid foundation for the work I am called to do: Building Community Capacity…Remembering Our Legacy of Love.

Our guiding principles…

  • We put people first.
  • We understand that “success is our only option”.
  • We believe in possibilities.
  • We embrace diversity.
  • We share information and resources.
  • We collaborate, leverage resources, and increase synergy.
  • We celebrate success and recognize achievements.
This logo was creatively and culturally designed by my amazing daughter, Faith Matthews.

Our values are centered around and focused on a culture of service…of giving back and lifting up. We believe everyone has the right to a good life. We believe in sharing and increasing collective wellbeing as a way to practice ubuntu.