discovering ubuntu…increasing collective wellbeing

We’re passionate about life, excited about possibilities, and joyful about opportunities at Building Community Capacity…Remembering Our Legacy of Love. We embrace change that creates positive outcomes. We welcome collaboration and partnerships that increase access to information and resources for children, families, and communities, empowering them to remove limitations imposed by poverty and disenfranchisement. We believe in the power of sharing and leveraging resources. We create synergy when we add our time, talents, and treasures to projects and initiatives that increase collective well-being. We are committed and determined to be part of the solution and create a better world for everyone.

Our work requires that we know our strengths and understand our limitations because no one is an island. We need each other to get the job done. No project is too small, no initiative is too big when we come together and discuss the roots of the problems and share ideas about solutions. When we roll up our sleeves and get to work, we’ll discover ubuntu, an African word meaning…we are our sisters and brothers. It’s in all our best interests when we resolve societal issues because what negatively impacts you will adversely affect me. When we rely less on individualism, we’ll find that we can increase our collective well-being because ultimately, we’re all in this together.

It’s all about ubuntu. It’s about our ability to be compassionate with each other.

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