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ourstory continues to unfold…

I’ve learned more in one week than I could have imagined about the love I share with my daughter. All grown up now and preparing for the next steps in her journey, I’m grateful to be part of it…through thick and thin, I know that we are moving…FORWARD. It’s the last day of our visit and my gratitude for the time we shared is more than my sadness, but the tears still come. Love this young lady. Faith Matthews. Cherish the ones you love. Don’t just tell them. Show them. Give them the best of your listening. Give them the best...


Mother’s Day 2022 Tribute

Mother’s Day 2022 reminded me of why I have to remember, celebrate, and honor my Beloved Mother. It’s truly a blessing when you have so many good memories of a woman who made a difference in so many lives, in her own special way. I give abundant gratitude to my Beloved Ancestor, Margene Pepper Farmer, for being the kind of mother who left a powerful and important legacy…an eternal legacy of faith, hope, and love. Ase!