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Crossing Africa: A Voyage by Foot and Kayak

“I wanted to show that in Africa, people are living everyday lives and that africans are  ingenious, creative … that there are all kinds of people that live there just the way we would live anywhere else. I wanted to normalize that, to show people this kind of living. And I think the best way to get the most authentic experience was to go by foot, because then, you have to meet every single body.”

The Man Who Walked 12,000 Kilometers Across the African Continent

All I really wanted to do was to experience what it’s like to live in Africa. And not just a country in Africa, but throughout the whole continent. That was my main purpose.

How Blacksmiths Forged a Powerful Status Across the Continent of Africa

excerpt ~One type included a bellows system fashioned from leather, clay or wood that was designed to preheat air, which Joyce says was developed in Africa “long before European and American equivalents were invented that eventually ushered in the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.” By Roger Catlin l l May 3, 2019