He never ceases to amaze me…Jonathan’s artwork

One day I learned that there’s a word for people like my son, Jonathan. He’s a multipotentialite, “someone with many interests and creative pursuits. It stems from the word multipotentiality –a psychological and educational term used to describe people who display aptitudes across multiple disciplines.” (quote from here) I learned about it when he told me about a book he read that described me. 🙂 I couldn’t disagree with him since I better understand myself now, why I have so many interests and activities. The motivating factor is that I’m a lifelong learner and, like him, a creator.

learn more about the beauty and wonder of being a multipotentialite here

Jonathan’s interest as an artist has come full circle…from childhood to adulthood.

He’s sketching again…as shown below.

Jon loves to travel…here he’s in India…below are drawings of other places he’s been
…basically here, there, and everywhere 🙂

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