reaching out…asking for help

Reflection ~It’s so important to reach out…to ask for help. I was feeling some kind of way today. Being an activist is hard work and I definitely needed a break so I took it. Glad I did…it was a blessing because I know I’m standing on the shoulders of greatness but I’ve got to take a step back sometimes. Remember who’s really in charge: GOD. 

Observation ~Who answered my call for help? The one and only, my amazing, incredible, phenomenal woman, my very own Faith, my daughter. Her wisdom is a balm to my Gilead. Thank YOU, Faith. I needed to hear what you have to say. I’m blessed to learn from you. Thank you for reminding me to pray and leave it all at the altar. I’m better now. Sill daring to be powerful and use my strength in the service of our vision…knowing, trusting, believing and receiving that the world will be a better place. We’ve got to keep blooming where we’re planted…using our time, talents and treasures to be and do good. I’m eternally grateful to The Creator from Whom all blessings flow.

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