the importance of getting back on track

Greetings, Good People! I was reminded today of the importance of getting back on track. My energy level was lower than usual, so I spent an hour preparing my juices. Making sure I can reach into the freezer and pull out a bag when I need one, ensures that 1) I will eat right and 2) I won’t eat as much junk food. I confess: I’ve still got issues. 🙂

Today’s concoction is definitely a chemistry experiment, one of my favorite subjects. Kale, lettuce, chia, flax, cinnamon, tumeric, vanilla, mixed frozen fruit, goldenseal, moringa, and an ingredient or two I don’t remember right now.

It’s pretty tasty, and I’m feeling pretty good. Mission accomplished! Wishing you a blessed, peaceful, and prosperous day. Let’s make it so. Ase/Amen.

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