our mission…our goals

Building Community Capacity…Remembering Our Legacy of Love

“increasing access to information and resources that strengthen, engage, and empower children, families, and communities”

our mission…

  • is for people who need access to information and resources that will help them build knowledge, acquire skills, and create wealth.
  • is a vehicle for sharing information and resources while increasing access to possibilities and opportunities that can help people reach their highest potential.
  • We work along life’s continuum, understanding that everyone is on a journey to become their best selves.
  • We work from the streets to the suites with diverse people to discuss problems and explore solutions.
  • We work with children, families, and communities, especially those who are truly disadvantaged, people who have been marginalized…often known as the least of these

our goals…

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  • Provide a continuum of learning opportunities for children, families, and communities using innovative and transformative curricula
  • Use the legacy of our ancestors to customize tried and true methods
  • Increase access to quality resources in health, housing, education, employment/career, and community development
  • Use participatory strategies grounded in intrinsic motivation
  • Develop and implement training opportunities in education, career, and business development
  • Use the practices of socially responsible entrepreneurship to focus on and increase collective well-being
  • Understand how recipients are using the information disseminated, and identify ways to increase the effectiveness of resources