My 60th Solar Return…

My amazingly wonderful daughter Faith wrote this on Facebook, on February 24, 2022, helping me get My Year of 60 off to a great start.

My mom is one of the most resilient people I know. Today she celebrates sixty solar returns! For all the trauma, stress, strain, sickness, injustice, you name it, she’s just grown. And I mean real growth. The mother I grew up with is a different kind of mother today. The relationship we used to have is a different one today. I’m blessed to be a witness to her incredible strength, to her advocacy, and perseverance. To be uplifted by her wisdom and devotion. To have really known a mother’s love.

My mom has taught me how to feel deeply without being overwhelmed. To process loss and keep moving through the journey of living. She swims through heavy water without surrendering to the storms of life, she follows the sun and lives for light. She’s built a legacy of love and I’m so thankful to be her daughter.

I love you, Mom. Happy 60th! Keep shining Joanna Grace Pepper Farmer

Many thanks for your birthday tribute, Faith! I am honored. I am blessed.

I am grateful, abundantly and eternally, for your love.

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